Forest Hills Park Master Plan


Residents of Forest Hills have made it clear that one of the most important roles of the neighborhood is the stewardship of Forest Hills Park. What this means to each household is different. There may even be different park priorities inside each household.

In recent years the neighborhood has been responsible for park efforts such as tree planting, park work days, flower bed creation or maintenance, and bench installation. Last month an event took place to raise money to start building a long discussed walking trail through the Park.

Very few neighbors participated in the creation of a Master Plan for Forest Hills Park. Only a total of 35 homes responded. The Masterplan was ment to define the vision, goals and priorities for the Park from the perspective of our neighborhood. The plan focused on future efforts of the neighborhood volunteers in creating a road map that represents the collective thinking and desires of the neighborhood. Less than 8% of the neighborhood took the time to respond. Making the entire results really not representational of much of anything. You need input to get good results.

The Masterplan survey results are in. You can find them here.


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